Deliberate Practice: Developing a process for deliberate investing

Hello Readers,

I have found a value investing blog with very interesting articles - I recommend you to browse through the articles on .
3 weeks ago the author of the blog (mentioned above), initiated a case study training to improve your investing process (the initating article) - and its free! Every week he announces a new case study from famous investments of well-known investors - eg. Coca Cola (1988, W. Buffett) and McDonalds (2005, B. Ackman). He provides all information you need to make your own analysis. After you made your analysis you can post it in the comments where it gets critics (hopefully ;-). A week later he posts his analysis and how it played out for the investor. But this concept is not really new - you can find tons of (value investing) analysis on the internet and in books!
What I like are the comments for every case study. I have have my investment thesis born out of my knowledge of the world. My thesis is nor 100% right nor 100% wrong. The questions that drive me nuts are. what is right, whats is wrong (and why) and where are my deficits* (knowledge, slips, details depth, ...). The comments provide plenty of investment theses which you can compare with your own. And since all information for all analysis are the same, its easy to detect the differences and specify your mistakes. This is an enormous advantage for learning effectively, because you see your mistakes short after you made them. The second valuable advantage is, that you can take a look in the thought processes of other investors. If I like their ideas, concepts, approach (...) I try to integrate them in my though processes.
I hope I can read your analysis in the comments!

best regards

*: Summary of common behavioural biases. To know these biases helps to detect blind spots and "failures" in your thinking;


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