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ING-DiBa: University Talk of the Cost-Income-Ratio Leader

Dear Reader,

this post is the essence of 2 talks by an IT manager and a customer manager of ING-DiBa.

I will describe the key points of the IT Talk (my techy heart ;)
Strategic goals: best quality/price ratio products (Sub goals: cost-efficient, convenient, few high quality products, trust & high quality customer relation)Direct banking: the website is the branch bankfew product: fewer processes which could be optimized as much as possible (its like assembly line production)Flexible information system architecture Have a Life Cycle Process for big IT changes, small changes via change-requests.Low Time-to-Market for Features (6 Month) 1 Production System,  7 Testing Systems7 Testing System: Development for different software releasesIT Security on all stages of the development (from source code check to black box penetrating)Quality Management: Before the new software becomes public the implemented features are tested multiple times through the development and deploymentComplete vi…

45 minutes of your life time you should invest

Dear Reader,

the video below is a must see for every person who seeks financial independence. Its not a complete guide for getting rich easily or how to do value investing, BUT it contains the basics of the basics about investing in general. My recommendation: Invest the 45 minutes of your life time - you get high quality information at a huge margin of safety!