My ideas to value investing & Young Entrepreneurship

Dear reader,
I watched a seminar of a communication coach today. He said a very impressive thing "If you learn 1% new, teach it". It helps you to discuss your newly gathered information and to internalize the info.
Mr Market is for me like a screaming retailer who tries to sell his goods. Since I heard the idea, I do not have any need to look into my portfolio and the numbers are to some degree arbritary.
Value investing is hard work and most of the time boring. Now I think of investing in investment gurus rather than managing my own portfolio. On the other hand I learned so much about business models and personal finance because I have gone deep in the matter of value investing and I have a feeling of missing something if I quit value investing. But is value investing the thing I wanna do now? Does is provide more fun than building my own company or developing my software? no. if I am looking into the stock screeners I am not satisfied and thinking how I could improve it. same is with reading annual reports. I think how I could I improve the investment  process through a software and how to formalize the process.
Now I am building my own company while I am studying. the company is in its early stage but its fun to create a product for our customers + I work with awesome people together which is a huge motivation for me!
best regards


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