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Sucess of Software Startups: Inspired by Mosaic

I stumbled over some snippets out of "Mosaic" by M. Pabrai. (Here the source & a must read!!!

(Mohnish Pabrai is one of my favourite investors and some kind of personal role model. One thing I share with him is a concentrated portfolio approach. I think it lies in a personal trait to have some kind of entrepreneurial spirit - being able to withstand the stress your company causes to your mind when shit hits the fan. I was an entrepreneur - before selling the startup to an investor I now work for. Mr. Pabrai was running his company before starting his investment career.)

One thing I tried to figure out since 2010 and a major cause to  start this blog was to figuring out what causes a few software companies to get big and many to fail? I knew, if I could figure out some few right ideas, I could extract huge returns as an entrepreneur and investor.

Mr. Pabrai describes s…