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Some thoughts

Dear Reader,

the last time I have written a post on this blog was well before I had to write my master thesis. It was impossible to blog anything because I had to finish my thesis (deadline 1st of July) and after 1 week vacation, I began to work in my start up which currently takes off.

We opened new offices in Berlin and New York City. We visit and get visits from C-level executives of fortune 500 companies - which is pretty awesome if I imagine that I sat on these uncomfortable wood chairs in lectures a view month ago and now I sit on these ultra comfortable leather chairs if we negotiate with customers in their offices. My company has not so comfortable chairs as we manage ourself as a LEAN startup - lean is bold and in capital letters, because we are super lean on our CapEx :-)

I remember lying on my girlfriends bed in 2011 reading Warren Buffett quotes and a particular quote resonated strongly with my deep self: "I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and a …