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US-EU Trade Slowdown?

In December 2015, oil tankers made u-turns while crossing the Atlantic [ZHOIL]. In March 2016 the mayor German rail carrier announced a 8-10% percent drop in fright shipments for 2015 [RG]. In April 2016 its cheaper to rent a dry bulk tanker than a Ferrari F40 [ZHTANKER].

European capital markets started weak this year, recovered to their highs again while the US dollar weakened during Q1 2016. Are US and Europe's economies are healthy?

(Side note: As TTIP is coming back onto the agendas of the media, political parties, NGOs, investors and companies. Why should a rigid trade deal be made, when the benefits are small but the risks of loosing national sovereignty is high while the future economic situation is very uncertain? Maybe some oligarchs try to secure their power before historic changes are happening?)
US-EU Trade
The first industry which feels a slow down in the (world) economy is the logistic  sector. This early indicator worked like charm the last 2 crisis. Now its crash…

Value of written goals

Here and there I heard about a Harvard study about having goals drives success. I thought "Sounds reasonable, no need to think about it deeply." Today I heard a talk of Gerald Hörhan and he mentioned the example, again. So my many-smart-people-talked-about-it threshold was crossed and I did a short research to find that study. I hoped to get an interesting topic I can use as material for talks.

And I found an urban myth [DOMINICAN]. But is there any truth to it? The Dominican University (?researcher Gail Matthews and Sarah Gardner?) did a study, because they saw a research opportunity. I found just a summary (see [SUMMARY]) and no original source to the study. But, well, once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger.

Goal Study
The study split the participants into 5 groups and compared what goals they achieved 4 weeks later [SUMMARY, FORBES]:
Group 1 - deeply analyzed their goals and the resources they had to accomplish them.  Group 2 – wrote down their goals after the deep an…